Change at Haitian VISA for Taiwan

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), in order to strengthen its friendly relations with the Government of the Republic of Haiti and promote cultural and commercial exchanges between the two countries. 

Change at Haitian VISA for Taiwan

Announces that the holders of ordinary passports Haitian, from 12 July 2017, are exempted from the requirement of a visa for entry to Taiwan for a stay of less than ninety (90) days if they meet the following requirements :

  • Holder of an ordinary passport of the Republic of Haiti, whose validity is greater than 6 months at the time of passage to the control of immigration Taiwanese;
  • A traveler with an air or sea ticket, for return or for another destination if the traveler holds a valid visa for that purpose;
  • A traveler who is not on the list of persons in violation of the Taiwanese immigration authorities.